Hello to 2021

‘Soft Light’ Oil on panel 30cm x 30cm features one of our Welsh Mountain ponies in the early evening light

Writing this post on a particularly chillyand grey day whilst listening to the hail batter the Velux window above me, brr… Well I expect I am not the only one to be glad that 2020 is behind us, but it was a year that I was looking forward to, full of promise, I am sure I was not alone, and it was not to be on some levels. We all know the challenges and heartbreaks we have faced, and that there are many challenges still to come, but we will find a way to move forward. So  with all the events I normally rely on to make a living cancelled, and with it the attendant ‘tightening of the purse strings’ plus sheilding three elderly relatives here at home, and friends being unwell and I have been unable to be with them, I know there are so many of us in this position.

There were still many positives though. We are so very lucky, living as we do, fairly remote and live in a very beautiful part of the country. My garden has certainly never been better tended – or appreciated! The summer meant lots of plein air painting in said garden and on the smallholding, and a chance to experiment for a extended periods of time I don’t normally get a chance to.

I look forward to 2021 with hope that things will improve for everybody, especially those of us – and there are so very many across all the creative arts – who have found themselves with little in the way of income. For me being a painter is not an option, it is my life. I have been fortunate and still been able to create, and made enough to keep life and soul together. But I know for some, Covid has been the last straw.

The bad news is.. Nothing lasts forever The good news is .. Nothing lasts forever.



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