Can’t believe it is December already, it’s been an odd sort of year, and I have spent quite a bit of it soul searching about the direction I want my art to take. Feeling like I am at the edge of something new – perhaps it’s also an age thing! –  I guess lots of artists hit this phase, a sort of plateau and confess I have at times been very down and distracted by it all to the point where I have been absent from the easel for days at a time…  I have been thinking about what is important and what inspires me in my work. I have a strong urge to delve much deeper into portraiture in 2020 so watch this space!

I am finding I am spending much more time painting from life, maybe it’s all part of the search for confidence in my work, though I rarely post the results of such endeavours I am popping a couple of these efforts below. I have made a promise to myself to have more confidence share what excites and inspires me going forward. As the main breadwinner in the family it is difficult to allow oneself the luxury to be truly creative to allow yourself to develop and evolve, so you often end up subconsciously  sticking with doing what you know works, perhaps there is a lack of confidence that you will be able to take your audience with you on your journey, but either way I have come to the conclusion that to both keep that work fresh and to continue to develop as a painter much more time must be made – somehow! – to work on art that feeds into my development as a painter. I am sure I am not alone in this dilemma.

Apple Blossom Time

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