South West Iberian Show

I am taking my Iberian paintings to the Grange Equestrian Centre, Okehampton, Devon on the 3rd and 4th September for the South West Iberian Show.  I will be painting live at the event and I am really looking forward to seeing the horses, especially the Gala Performance in the evening. I missed the GBPRE Championship Show at Hartpury this year as it clashed with another work event. Hopefully I will get there next year! It was an incredible, wonderful trip organised by Sherene Rahmatallah of Sussex Lusitanos to Golega in Portugal some 11 years ago that started off my passion for Iberian Horses.

Working on some new pieces for this event but this is one that I will be taking. “In the School at Golega” Oil on Canvas 30″ x 36″



Porlock Residential Week

It is already four weeks since the Society of Equestrian Artists Residential workshop at Porlock Vale House, Porlock, Somerset. The weather blessed us and though I did not get to spend the full week there I had a productive two days there and have returned feeling re-energised and ready to tackle the new series of work I have on the go! I learn such a lot from attending workshops, and its great meeting and getting to know other artists. I can’t recommend this particular workshop enough; We had the benefit of great tutors in the shape of renowned artists Malcolm Coward HSEA and Colin Allbrook RI RSMA HSEA in wonderful, relaxed surroundings. Porlock Vale House lends almost an air of an artists house party and there was plenty of socialising and good food. Early morning at dawn is a favourite time for me there, either painting up on the moor or down in the field by the beach or at Porlock Weir, or simply chilling and thinking, out on the terrace overlooking the sea, blissful. I am already saving up for next year.



Very busy with new projects so 2016 is set to be an exciting year! Will be posting some new work very shortly.

BSAT Bursary Award!!

Have just learned that I have been awarded the British Sporting Art Trust’s Summer Workshop Bursary Award for 2015! So excited! I am indebted to them as there is no way I could have afforded to attend the workshop under my own steam.

So, schedules re arranged and leaving  the patient husband and son behind I will be packing up the car full of painting supplies at the end of this month and heading off to Porlock in Somerset for a whole week of painting and drawing from life, under the tutelage of renowned artists Malcolm Coward SEA, Colin Allbrook RI RSMA SEA and Barry Peckham ROI SEA Assoc RSMA. Its such an opportunity to have access to these artists and get to spend the week just on my artwork. I was very lucky last year to be given a loan from a very kind friend which meant I could afford to spend two days at this workshop last year, I was totally in the doldrums with my work and I cannot believe how much I benefited from those two, oh so short days. I would urge any artist, no matter how experienced or beginner to attend workshops if they can, the benefits are immense, and of course you get the chance to meet and befriend like minded people. I wonder what this year will bring?