About Debbie Dunbar

Debbie Dunbar is a realist painter with strong leaning toward impressionist techniques, marked by her bold use of light and colour across a range of subjects.

I can’t imagine a time when I will not be painting. It is a compulsion. 

I work in traditional oils both in the studio and ‘en plein air’

Everything is about the light, and the emotions that it helps to evoke, whether a cold frosty day where your breath hangs in the air before disappearing or intimate moments shared with friends, around a bright camp fire. Without the light there is nothing.

I try to paint those brief moments in time, there is beauty in ordinary things, the things in life which are all around us but we very often stop seeing.  My paintings are ultimately about how I respond to those things. I hope that the observer of my work will connect and with that. It’s about getting those dreams in my head out and onto the canvas with the co-operation of the hand in between. It’s like a thought you cannot quite get hold of. Oil painting is my chosen method of expressing light, and it gives form and narrative to the work.’

Below is a much treasured watercolour sketch by friend and fellow artist Colin Allbrook ROI RSMA Hon SEA of Debbie at work ‘Plein Air’

watercolour by C Allbrook of D Dunbar
A treasured watercolour sketch of Debbie at work ‘Plein Air’

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